Props are an essential part of any photo booth. After all, who doesn't want to pose with a funny mustache or cool bowtie, right?

But, props can also be incredibly profitable for you and your photo booth business. In this article, we're going to be discussing some important tips for purchasing props for your photo booth to ensure that you stand out from the competition. 

Find a Signature Prop

Find an unusual prop that you think that your guests would enjoy. I know it may sound odd, but if you offer a prop that nobody else does, it'll make you stand out.

Get creative, but also remember the target audience you have. If you're targeting corporate clients, it's important to remain somewhat professional. If it's weddings, however, you can go a little crazier.

Things like banana suits, beer hats, or hulk hands are all "crazy" props that people will enjoy and that will make you stand out. The ideas are endless.

Quality Props

Sure, you can buy a ton of cheap props at Party City, Amazon, or at the Dollar Tree, but they're cheap and they will likely break after one or two events.

If you invest money into metal or plastic props from professional prop designers or from websites like YoProps, you're going to get more use out of the props.

Think about it.

If you spend $20 on one quality prop versus $5 on a cheap prop that you have to rebuy, after only four events, the quality prop has already paid for itself.

See what we mean?

Additionally, the better quality props you have, the higher you can your upsell props as part of your photo booth business. Remember, if you can upsell just a few hundred dollars with each client that could mean thousands of extra dollars of revenue per year.

Who doesn't want that?

Digital Props

Just like how you can upsell quality props, you can also upsell digital props. If you use a photo booth software such as the Salsa Photo Booth Software, you have the ability to add digital props. 

These digital props are similar to Snapchat's filters and add a modern and absolute limitless amount of fun to your photo booth.

Plus, since they're digital, that means less risk of losing or damaging props and more time that you can spend on the guest experience.

And better yet? They cost you nothing if you have software that supports it!

And that's it! We hope that these three simple tricks will help you turn your photo booth props into profit!

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