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    Additional Devices

    $15.80 to $32.50



    Additional Devices

    $32.50 to $65.80

  • Features

  • Unlimited Events
    Most software charge per event, which can lead to a high bill during your busy months.
  • Unlimited Captures
    Shoot as much content as you want without worrying about hosting fees.
  • Cloud Syncing
    Manage your events and content remotely without leaving your house.
  • Photo
    Salsa captures shareable and flattering images with our beautiful oval light.
  • GIF
    Photos stitched together to create an animated experience.
  • Video
    Capture video content up to ten seconds long.
  • Boomerang
    Mesmerizing looping videos that are all the rage.
  • Gallery Mode
    Forgot to share an image? Want to relive the evening? Turn on gallery mode to see all the content taken during the event.
  • Filters
    Instagram style filters to make your content pop.
  • Offline Mode
    No Wi-Fi? No problem. Queue SMS and e-mails to send when you're re-connected. Guests need the images faster? Enable AirDrop.
  • Unlimited E-mail
    Some companies charge you for every e-mail sent. Not us. Capture leads and explode your marketing efforts.
  • SMS
    Some companies charge you for every SMS sent. Not us.
  • AirDrop
    Give guests their content regardless of the internet connection.
  • Overlays
    Share your client's message and brand with custom overlays.
  • Brandable Screens
    Customize the touch screen interface to create a truly bespoke experience.
  • Share and Capture Analytics
    See how effective your photobooth is performing with these analytics.
  • Live Gallery
    All content gets automatically uploaded to a branded Live Gallery. Pro plan users get more customization options.
  • Support
    We are here to help you succeed.
    E-mail and Phone
  • Dropbox Integration
    Create redundancy and link files to other third party apps with Dropbox.
  • FTP Integration
    Use FTP to create unique workflows.
  • Surveys
    Collect valuable data for your customers.
  • Animated Overlays
    Make your branding come to life with animated overlays.
  • Disclaimer Text
    Create custom screens that give you legal access to content and share data.
  • AirPrint
    Wirelessly print your images with AirPrint technology.
  • Green Screen
    Have your customers choose between animated and still green screen images.

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  • What happens when I cancel my subscription?

    You will have access to your application up until your end of your subscription date. Once that date passes, your subscription will no longer renew and you will lose access to the application. There are no partial refunds available.

  • What's the difference between Queso and Salsa?

    If you're looking for a classic print experience with a new twist, then Queso is the way to go. We recommend Salsa for those looking for a digital sharing experience

  • What if I don't have Wi-Fi?

    You can start an event, take pictures, and allow guests to input their phone numbers and e-mails. The content won’t send immediately, but will queue up and send when either booth gets connected to internet.

  • Do Queso settings and galleries sync with Salsa?

    Queso and Salsa are built on two entirely different platforms, so they do not sync to each other at all.

  • What is the warranty?

    Salsa includes a 12-Month limited parts and labor warranty and does not cover damage due to normal usage or wear and tear. In the event that a repair is needed during your coverage period, you will ship the product to Photobooth Supply Co for repairs. Warranties are non-transferable and coverage is limited to the original Salsa owner. For Queso, as long as you're a paying subscriber to our software, your hardware is covered under our lifetime limited warranty.

  • Why is the monthly price different from Queso to Salsa?


  • What is the support like?

    Both our booths come with weekend support to help you not only troubleshoot your booth but to help you attain your goals.

    Many people buy our booths with no photography or strong technical background. With that said, we do recommend a basic understanding of technology prior to purchase.

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  • even before we received the booth we were booking dates for the booth and it's only growing more - we even need to order a second booth soon!

  • our photo booth business paid our mortgage and living expenses last year

  • with little to no advertising, our booth has almost paid for itself