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Secrets to Running a Six Figure Photobooth Business

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Thinking of starting a photobooth business but you're not quite sure where to start?

Already have a Photo Booth business but want to take it to the next level?

Confused about pricing, marketing, automation, sales, wedding, etc.?
If so, you're not alone.

Many people purchase a photobooth and spend hundreds on props, backdrops, and more just to find that their business is going nowhere fast. Take control of your business by investing in education.

Learn how to start and operate a profitable photobooth rental business, with or without any previous experience. Join Catalina Bloch and Brandon Wong as they discuss what it takes to start and grow a photo booth business in today's ultra-competitive landscape. Brandon and Catalina share their hard earned wisdom on topics such as developing your brand, pricing strategies, using social media for promotion, hiring employees, and so much more. If you are just starting out in the photobooth rental business or thinking about making the jump to running your own business, then this class made just for you.

This course will take you through a proven, step-by-step system to start a profitable, sustainable photobooth business that can lead you to a six figure business.




Catalina Bloch purchased a photobooth in 2014 and created MDRN Photobooth Co. By 2015 her company had grossed more than 6 figures, putting her as one of the most profitable rental companies in her region. Her background as a photographer, event stylist, business consultant, insurance underwriter, and co-owner of a restaurant will give viewers insight on how to brand their company and also how to spend time efficiently.

Brandon Wong has been a self employed businessman since the age of 19. By 21, he was already making six figures from his photography business which he then expanded into photobooth rentals. Soon enough he found himself in the photobooth manufacturing industry and is now the co-owner of Photobooth Supply Co. Throughout his years in business, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge on how to build an efficient and profitable business quickly.




Episode 1 - Introduction
Episode 2 - Where are the Gigs?
Episode 3 - Brand Identity
Episode 4 - Website
Episode 5 - Pricing your Photobooth
Episode 6 - Marketing
Episode 7 - Facebook
Episode 8 - Twitter
Episode 9 - Instagram
Episode 10 - Competition
Episode 11 - Expo Location / Set Up
Episode 12 - Expo Pricing
Episode 13 - Networking
Episode 14 - Working for free the right way
Episode 15 - Booking Procedures Pt. 1
Episode 16 - Booking Procedures Pt. 2
Episode 17 - Workflow Automation
Episode 18 - Props
Episode 19 - Photobooth Etiquette
Episode 20 - Processing
Episode 21 - Tips for Reviews
Episode 22 - Photobooth Add-Ons
Episode 23 - Insurance
Episode 24 - Employees Pt. 1
Episode 25 - Employees Pt. 2
Episode 26 - Photography vs Photobooth
Secrets to Running a Six Figure Photobooth Business
Secrets to Running a Six Figure Photobooth Business Sale price$300.00 USD Regular price$600.00 USD