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tradeshow tips

Tradeshow Tips: How to Maximize Your Photo Booth Design and Location!

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're considering attending an expo, right? Whether it's a wedding expo, photography expo, photo booth expo, or anything in between, we have some tips to help ...

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dominate Instagram with your photo booth business

4 Steps to Dominate Instagram with Your Photo Booth Business

Instagram has to be one of our favorite platforms to use for social media. Not just because we love posting pictures, especially things that come from the photo booth, but it's that we've actual...

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market your photo booth on facebook

How to Market Your Photo Booth on Facebook Like a Boss!

Facebook is an incredible place to take advantage of passive marketing. After all, everyone's on Facebook! The nice thing too, is that the target demographic that you should be targeting for you...

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insuring your photo booth

Insuring Your Photo Booth: Everything You Need to Know

Insurance is never the most exciting topic to talk about, but it's something that you absolutely need. Not only is it important to protect your business and equipment, but it's essential in order t...

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tips to streamline your photo booth booking

5 Tips to Streamline Your Photo Booth Booking Procedures

You're about to book your first gig, congratulations! While you may have an idea of some of the booking procedures you should follow, we've come up with a list of some things that you should be min...

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add a photo booth to your photography business

Why You MUST Add a Photo Booth to Your Photography Business in 2020!

Adding a photo booth to your photography business can increase your overall profit by up to 49% percent. That's crazy! But we here at Photobooth Supply Co don't like to give you numbers without rea...

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guide to hiring photo booth attendants

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Photo Booth Attendants in 5-Simple Steps!

Your photo booth business is growing and you're booking more and more events. But, you're starting to realize that you're turning down a lot of events because they fall on the same day. I mean, you...

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How to Prepare Your Photo Booth for an Event in 3 Simple Steps!

How to Prepare Your Photo Booth for an Event in 3 Simple Steps!

So you've finally booked your first event and the big day has come.  Now what? It's important to be prepared for your event as well as know some photo booth etiquette. Today, we're going to be goin...

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how to network your photo booth

How to Network Your Photo Booth Like a Boss in 2020!

Networking is a crucial part of owning a photo booth business. After all, you want people to be talking and thinking about you and your photo booth business. So, how do you network? Everyone has va...

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tricks for post-processing images

3 Simple Tricks to Make Post-Processing Your Images a Breeze!

What a night, right? You've captured countless memories, provided the best guest experience possible, and it's time for the final step. Post-processing. What is post-processing? Well, it's whatever...

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