Facebook is an incredible place to take advantage of passive marketing.

After all, everyone's on Facebook!

The nice thing too, is that the target demographic that you should be targeting for your photo booth (people between 24 and 44 years old) are the people who are using Facebook the most.

So, what can you do to use Facebook to market your photo booth? Let's jump in!

Your Profile / Page

Make sure your brand identity is consistent throughout your Facebook page. 

The first thing you should do to market your photo booth on Facebook is having a profile picture that is your company logo and an image header of one of your most beautiful shots. Remember, these are the first two things that people will see when they arrive at your page!

how to market your photo booth on facebook

It's also important that you complete all of the information on your page. Things like your phone number, address (if you have a studio or office space - we don't recommend putting your home address!), website, and other social media accounts.

Facebook will also allow you to have a COA (Call to Action) button on your page. Don't forget to include this, it's more important than you may think!


Now that you've established your page, get out there and socialize!

You should be joining groups and forums for photographers or photo booth owners in your area. 

Now, don't go self-promoting your company on these pages, but if you see someone asking a question that you know the answer to, answer it! If you see people looking for suggestions, give them suggestions! 

This form of interaction is so important because every comment you make will show your profile picture, which is your logo! Free advertising, baby!

What Post will Help Market Your Photo Booth Business?

It's important that you maintain your Facebook page active, this way people will see that you're working and are easily reachable.

Anytime you have an event and you post the gallery on Facebook, make sure you write a little blurb. This will make the post more personable and will also work in your favor when it comes to the Facebook algorithm.

Even if your client has requested a private gallery, you can still post a little blurb with a link to the private gallery. That way everyone has an easy to access way of finding the link.

When you're not posting gallery images, you should still be posting. Feel free to share relevant industry-related content, news articles, or links to your blog posts on your website.

Again, as we mentioned, this will make you seem more active and easy to reach!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is actually one of the most powerful advertising tools that we have in today's day and age. 

Let's say, for example, that you are targeting wedding clients. You know that most of the people who are booking things for their weddings are going to be females.

facebook ads

Now, we're not saying that guys don't do it, we're just saying that the majority of them are females.

So, for this example, let's say that your target audience is going to be women who are between the ages of 25 and 40 years old and are engaged. Heck, you can even go as finite as targeting people in certain areas. 

What this will do is show ads for people who meet those requirements that you've set. That's amazing!

What's also incredible is that you get analytics. The analytics will tell you exactly what people are doing with your ad, who's responding to it, and even how old they are.

After all, maybe your target was wrong. But that's okay, because you can revamp it as you go so that you're not wasting your money.

On the topic of costs, Facebook advertising is extremely inexpensive. You could start out by paying $25 a month and that'll at least get your name, logo, and what you do out there. 

And again, as we mentioned, if it doesn't work, you can always revamp your targeted ads.

We hope this article will help you to market your photo booth business on Facebook like a boss!

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