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Article: How to Troubleshoot and Be Prepared for Events with Your Photo Booth

How to Troubleshoot and Be Prepared for Events with Your Photo Booth

How to Troubleshoot and Be Prepared for Events with Your Photo Booth

If you're using an iPad-based photo booth, like our Salsa Photo Booth, it's not likely that things can go wrong during an event as there are fewer moving parts.

With that said, it's still a piece of technology and things can go wrong. It's always good to be prepared for any issue that may occur. This is especially true if you have a photo booth that has more parts involved, like the Queso or Legacy booths that feature DSLR cameras.

Know Your Equipment

First and foremost, it's important that you know your equipment and how to fix basic problems. It may seem obvious, but the last thing you want is to have to call technical support while you're at an event. 

Salsa Photobooth


Before attending your event, make sure that you create a checklist with everything that you're going to need and, if you're just starting out, make sure you've read through the manual and gone through the motions of setting up and tearing down your equipment multiple times.

Extra Cables

Let's say you're about to purchase a new cable for your iPad, but you have a budget of $20. We recommend that instead of buying a $20 cable that you purchase two $10 cables.


Well, cables are bound to fail and wear out. It's always best to make sure you carry around an additional set of cables. Of course, we also recommend that you purchase quality cables that are less likely to fail, but it's more important to have multiples if possible.

Train Your Staff

If you're not going to be the one who's handling the photo booth, make sure that you've trained your photo booth attendant well. This goes along with the first tip, but you should ensure that they're knowledgable about basic troubleshooting issues.

Photo attendant assisting a guest with the Salsa Photobooth


We've written an article with more details about hiring employees and how to train them. You can check it out here!

Extra Ink and Paper

It may seem obvious, but you should have more paper and ink than you expect to use. You never know when you may run into a paper jam or your ink ends before the printer notifies you. 

Especially because these two things are easy to throw into the trunk of any car.

Phone Number of Support Team

While it's best to know your equipment well enough that you don't have to reach out to tech support, it's still good to know the phone number in the event that you come across into.

After all, you don't want to run into an issue and have to then look up the number to call. Save it as a contact and you'll thank us later.

And that's it! We hope that this article will help you prepare for your next event and be able to troubleshoot any issues you come into!

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