“Hybrid” has become the buzzword in the events industry in 2021, they are all the rage and this is set to continue well into 2022. 

New research from more than 120 US and UK based association event planners showed that 59% are planning on running hybrid events between 2021 - 2022. With 90% feeling that hybrid events can help them reach out to more people. 

As photo booth owners we should always be striving to keep up with the current trends within the events industry, and hybrid is no exception. 

What is a Hybrid Event? 

A hybrid event is one that uses a combination of both live and virtual elements. You have your in-person live event and add a virtual component to it so the attendees can participate and engage no matter where they are. 

Engagement is an essential part of hybrid events, and nothing drives engagement quite like a photo booth! 

The great news is that by using Salsa software and a Salsa Booth, it provides the perfect hybrid photo booth solution so that you can conquer this Hybrid world!


4 Ways to Promote Hybrid Events with Salsa

1. Create a demo virtual photo booth and include it on your website for clients to try out.

Nothing beats trying something out before you book.

Make sure you include every feature the Virtual Booth offers, it may be the only chance you have to show off everything that you couldn’t at a live event.

Use our Virtual Booth feature checklist to help!

Most of the time your customers aren’t going to know what they need, a virtual booth demo will help them make more informed decisions, and also understand the value you offer them and what they can expect from you if they were to go ahead and book! 

It's easy to add a virtual booth demo to your website. Create a virtual booth event in Salsa, then copy and  link the Virtual Booth URL either to a button or an image on your website. Alternatively you can generate a QR code from the Virtual Booth URL and use that to encourage users to launch on their own devices. 



2. Showcase both your in-person and virtual booth options side by side.

Whether that’s on your website, socials or even in a Salsa proposal

We know that images speak a thousand words, having a clear example of how they look and work together will help to explain the experience in an effective way to your potential clients. 

Don't forget that by using the Salsa software, the virtual booth event and the in-person event captures feed into the same Live Gallery, so guests at the event will feel connected no matter where they are. 

Hybrid Events

 3. Start talking about Hybrid Events on your socials. 

Social media is a great place to start building a buzz around something. It's also a great way to educate your followers on an event type they might still be unfamiliar with. 

  • Why not create some informative Instagram stories showing your followers how a virtual booth and an in-person booth work together? 
  • Add a virtual booth link to your social media bio so users can try one out for themselves. 
  • Use relevant hashtags in posts about Hybrid events. 
  • Don't forget about Linkedin! It's a great way to target and promote to the corporate events market. 


 4. Promote Virtual Booth with your own Watermarked Film!

Your clients will understand exactly how an in-person booth works; what they will struggle to understand is how the virtual booth works and connects with their live event. It's your job to help bridge that gap. 

What better way to do that than by showcasing how the Virtual Booth works in an amazing promotional film. Our Virtual Booth watermarked film is perfect for using on social media and websites, plus it can be watermarked with your logo too. 



Purchase the Virtual Booth Watermarked Film here. 


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