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Article: 4 Tips to Book More Photo Booth Events with Your Website

4 Tips to Book More Photo Booth Events with Your Website

4 Tips to Book More Photo Booth Events with Your Website

We've talked about the importance of having a website that's streamlined and goes well with your brand identity, but we've never gone into detail about things you may not have thought of.

Today, we're going to be discussing some key information that you must layout for your customers. 

After all, studies say that people will stay on your website for less than 15 seconds if their question is not immediately answered.

The Three Questions

There are three important questions that must be answered without scrolling, searching, or even interacting with your website.

Remember the 15-second rule? Yeah, these are the questions that must be answered within those 15 seconds.

What Do You Do?

You know that you're a photo booth company because ... well, it's your company. But how easily do others know that?

Are you explicitly saying that you're a photo booth company? Or is the only thing visible on the main landing page something like, "We make memories?"

It's absolutely crucial to get across what it is that you do straight away so that the customer knows that they're on the correct website for the service that they're searching for; in this case, photo booths.

Why Should I Stay?

Why should a customer stay on your website instead of searching for your competition? You must give a short, but compelling reason.

Having an initial title that says, "#1 Photobooth Company in Los Angeles," for example, will cover both this question and the previous one. After all, you're saying that your company is number one and that's the reason clients should book with you.

What Should I Do Next?

Do you have a "Book Now" button right away on your page? If not, you're not answering this question.

Sure, someone sees that you're the #1 Photobooth in LA, but what do you want them to do next? Do you want them to look at your gallery? Read your "About Me?" Book their event?

It's crucial that you have some sort of call to action button that stands out and says something like "Hire Us," "Book Now," or "Save the Date."

We know that a lot of these questions seem obvious and that you probably have all of this information on some page of your website. But in this modern age where everyone wants information as fast as possible, you must make it immediate, clear, and concise.

If not, you may be losing out on customers.

De-risk Your Page

Now that you have a client interested, how do they know they should trust you?

After all, it may be their first time ever hearing about your company.

It's important that you include on your website any logos from big companies you've worked with. Don't go overboard, though. Anywhere from four to six is plenty. Just try to stick to the biggest companies you've worked with.

Testimonials are also a great way to build trust. Again, keep it short and sweet. One to two sentences from your past clients talking about how great you are is perfect. But again, don't go overboard.

And finally, including a link to your Yelp or Google Reviews page builds credibility. At the end of the day, most people check on Yelp or Google Reviews anyway, so make it easy for your customers and include a direct link.

Features and What They Include

You likely have a page that has all of your photo booth's features, right? Boomerangs, GIFs, videos, etc.

Well, that page is useless unless you're showing examples and listing out what those features actually do.

It's really easy to forget that we're experts on our own product. Of course we know what a GIF or Boomerang is, but does everybody? 

Absolutely not.

It's generally a good idea to post small images alongside the features you offer with a brief explanation of what that feature actually does. But, don't forget to write that explanation in a way that shows why that feature is beneficial. 

At the end of the day, you can sell me to death on what a Boomerang is, but if I don't see a benefit, why would I want it?

Function Over Form

I know sometimes we can let our personal taste take over our website design ... it's happened to the best of us. But at the end of the day, function is so much more important than form.

You have two goals with your website:

  • Collect client's information
  • Close deals

And in order to achieve those two goals, you want to make your website as simple and easy-to-read as possible.

Now, that doesn't mean you can't make your website elegant and nice. All it means is that you should follow a few guidelines:

  • Fonts: Your website's font should be clear and easy to read. Honestly, if it's not Arial or Helvetica ... we need to talk
  • Added "Fluff:" Sure, the animated balloons that pop in as we scroll through the page are fun, but they're also incredibly distracting. Don't add elements that take away from your website's main design.
  • Colors: It's okay to add some colors, after all you want to stay on brand. But, don't utilize any bright colors that can hurt the viewer's eyes. In general, keep your colors black and white and have special accent colors to add some flare.
  • Mobile First: More than ever people are using their mobile devices for their normal web-browsing needs. You should make sure that your website looks good on mobile before desktop. Trust us, it's so important!

If you follow those general guidelines, you'll end up with a beautiful website that makes users want to stick around.

And that's it! We hope that this article will help you create a beautiful website that keeps customers intrigued.

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