The 99 poses video is an incredible way to show guests some hilarious poses, train an attendant on what to suggest, or even run off a projector at an event.

Ever run out of ideas for pose suggestions? With this video, you can develop great ways to improve guest experiences. Happier guests lead to more reviews, more referrals, and more bookings. 

With your logo watermarked on the video, it'll be a tremendous marketing tool. People who are looking to rent photobooths will see the fun behind each and every pose. When you have a lead that doesn't understand what sets your booth apart, video is a great way to make a lasting impression. 

The video is also great for generating engagement on social media, as you can ask potential clients to tell you their favorite poses and fill your ad with positive comments.

Please submit your logo as a 900 pixel wide (at least!) PNG by replying to your purchase confirmation email. That will begin the process of producing your watermarked film! We expect delivery to occur within a 72 hour time, but please allow at least a week following your submission.