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Article: Launch a Successful Photo Booth Business for Free in Four Easy Steps!

Launch a Successful Photo Booth Business for Free in Four Easy Steps!

Launch a Successful Photo Booth Business for Free in Four Easy Steps!

Depending on where you live, the average photo booth rental can go for $600 to $1,500. This means Photobooth Supply Co. owners make anywhere from $30,000 to $250,000 per year!


Let me tell you how you can dip your feet into this incredible industry for free.

Alright, I know, nothing in life is free. But maybe you're a wedding photographer, a videographer, or you're just now entering the photography or photobooth world and you're interested in the explosive industry. 

Following these four easy steps will allow you to start getting paid before you invest in our Salsa Photobooth, which means you can start profiting right away. 

Getting deposits for your events is a great way to fund your investment and secure the future of your photo booth business.

Step One: Make an Announcement

It's time to make the first step and let the world know that you're embarking in your new photobooth adventure!

Don't worry, we're here to help - and we have some great free marketing materials that you can use in your outreach (download them here).

Attach some of those images to your message and send it out to your friends via email, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Every marketing campaign will stand out more with visuals that pop!

Photobooth Supply Co., Salsa Photobooth

Guest Sharing Their Image Taken on the Salsa Photobooth


If you're struggling to think of a strong message to send, feel free to use our template below:

Do you want to impress your friends at the next event you're attending or hosting?
Elevate your next party to another level by renting our brand new premium photobooth! What can we do for you? We will:

-Provide instant party favors in the form of prints
-Add elegance to your event with our luxury backdrops
- Capture memories of all your guests
-Email and text images in real time to share the fun on social media
-Create an online gallery so you can relive the memories over again

As my family and friend, you will get first dibs on this new service at a discounted introductory price before I make it available to the public. Dates will be book up, so contact me now to reserve your special day!

The best part about entering the photo booth business is that it's not a seasonal business. You can rent out your services for weddings, birthday parties, festivals, graduation parties, corporate parties, quinceañeras, proms, and the list goes on and on.

Events happen in every season - people love to get together and celebrate!

Step Two: Network

The next most effective method for getting books is to start reaching out to event industry professionals.


Because these individuals already have dozens of clients booked for the year that trust them and have events planned. These are events that need your photo booth!

Think outside of the box of just photographers and videographers. Do you know a makeup artist? Wedding planner? Florist? Photographer? Musician?

Photobooth Supply Co., Salsa Photobooth

Guests Using the Salsa Photobooth


If you don't, that's okay too!

You can find some via Google, Yelp, or Wedding Wire. Otherwise use your existing network and ask your friends if they know anyone.

By building rapport with these individuals, you'll easily be able to start having them refer you to their clients. One connection could potentially lead to dozens of bookings per year.

Most event-based companies and businesses are built on a strong referral network, so go out and start buying people coffee and networking!

Step Three: Get Those Bookings

You will no doubt start generating interest from friends and family. If you're lucky, some might have events coming up in a few weeks!

Stick with it and follow up with people. Don't be afraid to post often and continually reach out to new event professionals.

It may take time, but it'll be sooo worth it - trust me.

Alright, you have some client interest. Now what?

How much do I charge?

Typically, the average rental goes for $600-1500, but feel free to charge whatever you think will work for your market.

This number can vary based on the specific services and features you offer, as well as the area where you live.

Do I have them sign a contract?

We highly recommend it, especially if it's not for friends and family.

Once you've purchased our Salsa Photobooth you'll get access to a strong contract that you can use, so that's one thing you can take off your plate.

Do I take a deposit?

To secure a date, we recommend a $200 to $400 deposit. This ensures that the customer is serious about booking you.

It also ensures that you're paid in case the event falls through, causing you to potentially miss a different opportunity. 

Photobooth Supply Co., Salsa Photobooth

Attendant Showing Guest How to Use the Salsa Photobooth


Step Four: Purchase Photobooth

You will know when to purchase a photobooth when you start getting bookings, but how many bookings do you need?

Well, the answer varies a little bit, but the longer you wait, the shorter time you will have to get acquainted with your new booth. You may also lose any opportunities for last minute bookings.

A good rule of thumb is around two or three bookings. If you're able to get those initial bookings using these steps, you'll have no issues getting dozens more.

And don't forget, that buy purchasing our Salsa Photobooth you'll get access to ...

- A sample contract that you're free to use 📝
- Free premium marketing materials (Photos for your website and more!) 📸
- Educational webinars to help you continue growing 👨‍🏫
- Amazing support from our team ❤️

    If you have any further questions about getting started, our team is more than happy to help! Feel free to reach out to us at or request a demo.

    Welcome to the Photobooth Supply Co. Family! ❤️