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How to Get Reviews

Alexis Jardine

You've just had one of your most memorable weddings this season and built great rapport with the bride and groom. So how can you share this experience on behalf of your business so that potential clients can see?

Getting Reviews

In this video Catalina shares some of her best practices when it comes to obtaining reviews (PS. It's not always by offering a free gift card). 


Where does PBSCO come in?

Clients were so impressed by the quality and presentation of the photobooth from PBSCO that it was actually mentioned in their review! Professionalism goes a long way as well and can be a huge factor in repeat business. 


What about bad reviews?

We've all seen those bad reviews on Yelp, Google or Facebook that sometimes make us giggle but is something that you have to treat with the utmost respect. The most important thing to do is to acknowledge their complaint by responding to their concern and provide contact information so that you may work towards a resolution together. 

It's possible to try every tactic imaginable but when all else fails just know that superb customer service will always win.