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Northrop Grumman was seeking an innovative and effective opportunity to provide all employees with the ability to capture professional headshots to support driving inclusion and enhancing employee visual collaborative presence within NG. Therefore, the main driver for this kiosk was to provide employees with professional headshots that can be used for organizational charts, internal communication profile platforms, and conference brochures. The secondary purpose has been to provide a fun factor in support of our aspiring company culture where the photo kiosk can be used to capture group pictures for internal and external company events, including recognition events, recruiting events, trade shows, and other campus activities.

PBSCO has been successful in capturing both professional headshots as well as fun group photos of employees.

The umbrella light is one of the differentiators for this photo booth. When researching vendors, the professional studio lighting is what finalized the deal. We wanted a professional feel to it, with the flexibility to also have a fun factor, and this booth does both! The customizable interface is great for supporting various use-cases. Another convenient component is that intuitive and simple user experience design.

PBSCO in conjunction w/ the SendGrid application provides NG with the ability to easily track the utilization and socialization of photos captured with PBSCO with the click of a button. The ability to have ‘live’ data and analytics provided NG with the ability to see the value proposition of PBSCO.

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