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Article: Mirrorball | A Case Study with PBSCO

mirrorball case study

Mirrorball | A Case Study with PBSCO

We are an experiential marketing firm, bringing branded experiences to live events on behalf of our clients.

We were looking for a cost-effective way to bring a photo engagement on tour with us in the challenging conditions of a Mud Run. We needed something that could be easily set up in difficult locations, be run by a different group of people each week, and look appealing to our consumers.

PBSCO provided an all-in-one solution that could be executed by a lightly trained staff while providing excellent quality.

Some examples are but not limited to aesthetics, image quality, lighting, support, portability, marketing potential, profitability, social media, Facebook community, assembly guides, ongoing support, etc.) Portability was the most key. We were able to pack it up and throw it on the truck easily and repeatedly. Ongoing support was tremendous as well—we were looking to use the booth in much harsher environments than most, and had a lot at stake for it to all work out. Brandon and Katrina were beyond responsive, and went above and beyond to answer all our questions and to troubleshoot for us as we developed our plan. The pictures also look great!

I would say it is Brandon and Katrina literally showing up on-site during the first day we used the booths, just to make sure we were happy!