Our team is happy to say we have more great content for you in our Photobooth Academy! We know you need to be ahead of the game now and as events start rolling back in.

In this mid-July release, we have two brand new sections we hope you'll love. We'll walk you through the creative components of crafting the perfect overlay, and we are giving an expansive tour of Salsa’s features and functionalities.

Edit overlay

Fonts got you flustered? Layers got you laid out? Follow along with Catalina as she walks you through the steps of turning typical templates into on brand overlays.

Sure, you could find a million YouTube videos on how to make your way around Photoshop. However, a specialized guide on how to edit a Salsa overlay using the same exact marketing materials included with your Salsa booth? That can only be found here in the Academy.

Once you’ve reviewed or refined your design chops, it’s time to start exploring the ins and outs of Salsa’s software. Learn how to build and edit your events from the web app, and how to manage them from the iOS app.

Create an event

These fourteen brand new chapters cover everything from pairing and setting up your LEDs to gathering additional information from your guests with Salsa's survey feature. Follow along with one of our lead techs and learn how to spice up your Salsa game.

Already subscribed to Salsa Pro? Then hop right in! If you're a Salsa Plus subscriber (or if you haven't signed up yet!), you can upgrade or sign-up now to get access to nearly 100 videos covering 24 different topics, all aimed to improve and perfect your photo booth business.

Take care and we'll see you next time!

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Salsa Photo Booth

events per month

Increase the number if you have a large social network or live in a highly populated city.

per event

Average rentals go for $600–$1500 depending on your area.

cost per event

  • Paper and Ink per event
  • Gas
  • Photobooth Software

1st year total profits

3rd year cumulative profits

DISCLAIMER: This document is not a guarantee of revenue or profit. This document is to be used as an estimation tool only. Photobooth Supply Co DOES NOT guarantee any profit or revenue and shall not be held liable for revenue or profit not met.

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