When your booth is sent back to us for a repair, we will need to wipe the system clean in order to completely resolve all issues discovered during your repair.

*This means that all files will be deleted from your booth.* To avoid losing any files, you *must* back up the files on your booth before sending it back to us. PBSCO will not be held responsible for any lost files that occur as a result of necessary system cleans during your repair.

Your booth will be processed in accordance with a two week RMA timeline. We agree to use commercially reasonable best efforts to meet any deadlines you’ve shared with us, but cannot guarantee expedited work. Please check the box below if you understand and accept the following:



Your booth will have all files deleted as part of our refreshment process. Any files not appropriately backed up will be permanently lost. This agreement acknowledges you accept sole responsibility for the preservation of any files located in the booth’s system.

You will let us know if your booth had any incidents in the recent timeframe of your return. This is not to penalize you - we understand that accidents happen! Having more information allows us to quickly determine the cause of your issue, repair any and all found issues, and return your booth to you in a timely fashion.

You agree to accept and respond to email communication from our team in a reasonable time frame while your booth undergoes an RMA. In the event we encounter additional hardware errors beyond the ones originally documented, we will reach out to you and notify you at that time. Some repairs may involve ordering new or replacement parts, and we will need to confirm these purchases with you via email in the event this is necessary and permissible.

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