Printer+ Shell Only

$300.00 USD

This is a Legacy Booth PRINTER+ shell made for a DNP DS620A printer that can be:

  • A replacement for your current unit
  • An addition to your BASIC or PRINTER Legacy model
  • A printer cover for a table top setup

This purchase includes:

  • PRINTER+ Shell
  • PRINTER+ Top Pole

This purchase does not include:

  • Carrying case
  • Printer
  • Fits the DNP DS620A

Will fit any Legacy unit purchased from 2016 onwards

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    Salsa Photo Booth

    events per month

    Increase the number if you have a large social network or live in a highly populated city.

    per event

    Average rentals go for $600–$1500 depending on your area.

    cost per event

    • Paper and Ink per event
    • Gas
    • Photobooth Software

    1st year total profits

    3rd year cumulative profits

    DISCLAIMER: This document is not a guarantee of revenue or profit. This document is to be used as an estimation tool only. Photobooth Supply Co DOES NOT guarantee any profit or revenue and shall not be held liable for revenue or profit not met.

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