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Article: Why Photographers Choose Guac & Chips

Why Photographers Choose Guac & Chips

Why Photographers Choose Guac & Chips

The photo booth business is booming. From corporate events and fundraisers to festivals, weddings, and private parties, they're more popular than ever. In the age of social media, photo booths are a must-have at any Insta-worthy event. Among soon-to-be brides, search engine queries for photo booths have even topped those for wedding DJs!

But which photo booth is the one to choose? It stands to reason that the people to ask would be professional photographers. And photographers choose Guac & Chips. Of course, one might wonder why any pro would opt for a photo booth in the first place. After all, surely they're the ones taking the photos? In reality, it's not an either/or matter. Particularly at events such as weddings, photo booths like Guac & Chips work alongside the pros. With that, the professionals can snap the money shots while a photo booth captures moments that may otherwise be missed.

So, Why Do Photographers Choose Guac & Chips?

Guac & Chips was introduced to photographers and other photo booth experts for the first time last year as a part of Booth Summit. Booth Summit is a go-to source of insider information for those in the photo booth industry. The conference covers everything from the basics of photo booths to the very latest and most cutting-edge solutions.

To understand why photographers choose Guac & Chips, it's necessary to take a closer look at what's on offer. For a start, Guac & Chips is distinct from many other options because it utilizes a pro-spec DSLR camera to capture images. It does so while remaining portable and straightforward to use.


Guac & Chips' versatile DSLR allows event-goers to capture their best moments in studio quality. The unit's DSLR-powered design also allows it to incorporate a top-quality studio flash unit. A separate studio flash unit ensures beautiful, consistent photos regardless of external lighting – a key reason why photographers choose Guac & Chips, in particular.

The result is incredible 24-megapixel photos of such high quality that they can be printed on billboards! And it's all achievable in a lightweight and portable photo booth package that fits in a Mini Cooper – no trucks, vans, or heavy lifting required!

In the past, DSLR capture has predominantly been the domain of larger, more traditional sit-down photo booths. That's the sort found in pharmacies, retail stores, and passport offices. But with Guac & Chips, it's possible to achieve the same—and better!—results in a package that's small enough to fly with.

Top-Notch Video

With Instagram and other social media platforms increasingly focusing on video, still images don't always cut it online in 2022. Thankfully, Guac & Chips is video-ready and capable of capturing top-notch footage for use across the web and elsewhere.

Furthermore, where video footage is all-important, so is sound quality. That's why Guac & Chips is compatible with Bluetooth microphones. As a result, the cutting-edge photo booth isn't just popular with professional photographers – it's a hit with pro videographers, too!

More Reasons Photographers Choose Guac & Chips

Whether you're a pro photographer or not, the list of reasons for choosing Guac & Chips is long and ever-growing. Photographers favor features like its DSLR integration, first and foremost. Yet, across the board, photographers choose Guac & Chips for numerous other core features and benefits, including:

  • -Seven-minute assembly time, all without tools
  • -Rugged, airtight, watertight, flight-ready case
  • -Integrated charging for phones and hotspots
  • -Support team available seven days a week
  • -Affordable, constantly updated software
  • -Built-in cooling to prevent overheating
  • -Ultra-fast wired or wireless printing
  • -Instant photo and video sharing
  • -Marketing materials included

Pro Photographer Approved

Always on the go and reliant on their equipment, it's clear why so many photographers choose Guac & Chips over other options. And whether someone is a photographer or not, there's another major selling point of Guac & Chips. That's because it packs the ability to share photos and videos instantly while simultaneously allowing owners to capture vital leads.

Guac & Chips grants the ability to quickly and securely input email addresses and phone numbers. By simply sharing these bits of info, those enjoying the booth have the option to receive their photos instantly, ready to share as they please. At the same time, Guac & Chips owners may then use these emails and phone numbers for subsequent marketing purposes.

Guac & Chips: Quality and Simplicity in One Package

While Guac & Chips, with its DSLR, is distinct from more basic iPad-only photo booths, it doesn't do away with Apple's ubiquitous tablet entirely. Instead, it uses a combination of other technologies and an iPad simultaneously. The outcome is a perfect combination of ease-of-use and incredibly high-quality results in one industry-leading package.

Guac & Chips further packs support for 30W fast charging. That means that a connected iPad will stay powered on throughout any length of special event, even at full brightness. Guac & Chips is designed for the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro but is also compatible with all models from the third-generation 2018 device onward.

Guac & Chips From Photobooth Supply Co.

New to photo booths? Ready to take your events to the next level? Maybe you're searching for a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use DSLR option for your existing photo booth business.

Whatever the case, the Photobooth Supply Co. team is here to help, including answering any questions and sharing additional insight into why photographers choose Guac & Chips. Contact us today to find out more.