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Article: Logos for Photo Booth Businesses

Logos for Photo Booth Businesses

Logos for Photo Booth Businesses

There are tons and tons of photo booth businesses out there.

Even though all photo booth businesses provide the same basic service (a photo booth), each business is still very different from the next. That’s one reason we stand by the idea of community over competition - if each business is unique, and offers something different than the next, every photo booth business owner will find the right niche for them. 

To find the right niche, booth owners need to start by getting their business and brand out into the world. If your logo design represents your brand well, it will attract the niche you’re looking for! And that’s exactly what your logo is meant to do: visually represent the core of your photo booth business.

Customers who are getting to know a business need something to remember it by, and a logo can act as a visual souvenir for people to hang on to.

Quick: Have a logo?

Let’s take a quiz.

Is your logo:

  • :white_check_mark: Communicating your booth business’ core values and personality?
  • :white_check_mark: Easy to recognize, and different from other logos?
  • :white_check_mark: Versatile enough to be used in every piece of your marketing materials?
  • :white_check_mark: A good balance of modern and timeless?

If you said no (or aren’t sure) about any of these questions, your logo might not be serving you as well as it could be. 

A logo is a symbol for your booth business.

You need it to do these four things:

1. Symbolize your business.

2. Be easy to recognize.

3. Be versatile.

4. Be a mix of modern and timeless.

Let's break those four things down.

Symbolize Your Business

Does your logo make people immediately remember your particular photo booth business? If your customers don’t recognize your logo as yours when they see it, it may be time for a redesign.

It also means you need to ask yourself a tough question – do you understand your own brand? 

What core values, essential practices, special features, or one of a kind products and services can your booth business rely on to make your literal and figurative mark on the industry? 

Pro Tips: 

- When creating your logo, make sure you can describe what makes your business yours in one to two key sentences.

- Use those sentences to define your brand identity, and build your logo using designs that showcase those things.

- Ask yourself if each design choice is doing its job: representing your business.

Easy to Recognize

If your logo looks like someone else’s logo, your customers aren’t building a relationship with you. They’re mingling with all those fish in the sea, without any anchor to hold on to. Your customers might wind up mixing you up with a different booth business.

Make sure your logo really represents you - take the opportunity to stand out and show off what’s special about you.

Pro Tips:  

Use your unique business personality to guide you toward a logo that feels like you.

- Research other businesses, and avoid choosing a logo that might create confusion between you.


Be Versatile

Your logo needs to work in big and small sizes, in print, on your website, in social media - it has to be versatile enough to look great in a wide variety of uses.

Make sure your logo is visible on any platform, in any medium, and at any size. If your logo can’t be used everywhere your business needs to be, then your logo can’t do its job.

Pro Tips:

Use your logo in different sizes and make sure it still looks good.

- Make sure your logo works on every social media platform, on your website, and on any printed media you use (business cards, brochures, etc).


Balance Modern and Timeless

Like with everything else in life, your photo booth business only has one chance at a first impression. You want to make a good one - and a lasting one. This means that you need your logo to be good, memorable - and timeless. Every time you start over with a new logo, you’re putting work in to build your photo booth business’ brand identity all over again.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure your logo remains relevant as time passes and your business grows. Having a logo that feels modern reassures your customers that you’re not offering dated services and products.

Try to create a core logo design that has a timeless appeal, but is flexible enough to change in small ways if you need it to (think: Starbucks’ evolving mermaid, Burger King’s shifting burger… let’s not talk about Pepsi, though).

Pro Tips:

- Create a logo that you would still want to show off in five years, ten years, twenty years from now.

- Don’t rely on trendy designs for your core logo design - use them to accentuate your timeless concept instead.

Celebrate Your Business

Remember that there is no one best style, trend, or choice for any booth business. 

What is right for one boother might be wrong for another.

Let your logo - in all of its unique and memorable ways - be a reflection of your business. When people see it, they should remember your business and why they love you. And they definitely love you!