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Article: Enhance Your Photography Brand with PBSCO

Enhance Your Photography Brand with PBSCO

Enhance Your Photography Brand with PBSCO

Instant gratification is the name of the game these days. So, if you want to enhance your photography brand and take it to the next level, you had better get ready to roll out phenomenal photos on demand.

Taking and printing high-quality photos is no easy feat, for sure. But thankfully, there is an answer: PBSCO photo booths. By embracing the power of these fun photo booths, you’ll earn a reputation as the go-to photographer for all your local events. Ready to make that happen? Here’s what you need to know about building a photography brand with PBSCO.

Magic of PBSCO Photo Booths for Your Photography Brand

Long gone are the days of photo booths designed to spit out a strip of grainy pics destined to get stuck on a corkboard. With PBSCO photo booths, it’s now possible to create imaginative DSLR quality photos and more to share far and wide.

If that’s just what you want to offer your clients, you have two easy-to-use photo booth options to consider:

Salsa Photo Booth

Anything but basic, the Salsa Photo Booth lets you upgrade your photography brand on a budget. Starting at just $149 per month, this iPad-powered device lets you turn any corner into a full-service photo studio. The wide-angle lens lets you capture even the largest groups in the frame while backgrounds, filters, overlays, and more add magic to every shot. You can even add action to the equation with boomerangs, looping videos, and animated gifs.

Guac and Chips Photo Booth

When you want to go big with DSLR quality photos, the Guac and Chips Photo Booth might be just what you need. With a starting price of $169 per month, it’s wholly affordable as well, especially if you plan to hit the event circuit running. Like the Salsa, this iPad-based device allows you to create memorable photos in practically any space. The photo quality increases a bit over the base model, however, due to the included flash unit that brings a burst of pizzazz to every interaction.

No matter what booth you choose, you’ll get the inside scoop on the overall reception of your newfound approach. As your photo booth visitors pop into the frame, the live analytics system records the total captures, shares, and everything in between. That way, you can gauge the value of every event and decide how to keep improving your photography brand.

Enhance Your Photography Brand with Memorable Photos

Both of the PBSCO photo booths have the potential to make birthday parties, fashion shows, and many other special events truly wow-worthy. All you have to do is carve out a small space for revelers to crowd around the front of the device. Your photo booth will literally do the rest when it comes to setting the scene and capturing each moment beautifully.

In fact, you don’t even have to stay onsite to ensure the photo booth keeps exceeding everyone’s expectations. Just set it all up and walk away with confidence that you can make changes on the fly just using your phone. Your client just has to let you know what they need, and you’ll be able to get it done within moments of opening up the Salsa app.

Benefits of Using Photo Booths for Your Photography Brand

When you invest in your photography brand with a PBSCO photo booth, all the following benefits will come your way.

Get Unlimited Captures

Both photo booths come with unlimited captures for all the events on your schedule. So, the sky is the limit in how many times you capture happy memories for your customers, leaving them smitten with your photography brand. Delivery is easy as well, thanks to the device’s ability to send unlimited texts and emails. Prefer to use Airdrop? It can do that, too. Or you can just go all out by printing the photos right on the spot.

Enjoy Ample Photo Modes

Event attendees never grow bored with PBSCO photo booths thanks to all the different photo modes available. You can start with basic star-quality photos to set the stage for an amazing event. Then, add to the excitement by capturing animated gifs, boomerangs, and more. It’s even possible to set the device to run in video mode and record testimonials, fun stories, or anything else you can dream up.

Jazz Up Every Shot

With PBSCO photo booths on hand, you can say goodbye to boring photos forevermore. The iPad-powered system easily jazzes up every shot on demand to boost the allure of your photography services. You can start by setting the stage with green screen backdrops. Then, use filters, virtual masks, and glam mode to shake things up a bit. Overlays and pose tips prove helpful as well, ensuring you can deliver memorable scenes every time.

As you wow all the guests at each event, you’re sure to turn a tidy profit. You can then reinvest the proceeds in your photography brand – or just live it up knowing you have a surefire way to keep your schedule full.

Ready to Enhance Your Photography Brand with PBSCO Photo Booths?

If you’re ready to enhance your photography brand with PBSCO photo booths, book a demo to get an inside look at how these fun photo booths can take your brand to great heights. So, don’t delay your success for another minute. Reach out today to get started.