Photobooth Supply Co's newest additions to Virtual Booth is packed with amazing interactive additions to the virtual experience.

(Back)Ground Breaking

Remove that messy bedroom from your photos and pose in front of the background of your choice instead. 

Take a selfie next to the happy couple or hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa - with Virtual Background Removal, you can send your guests anywhere. 

1,000 captures with background removal are included every single month - so you can take tons of photos virtually everywhere.

Mask-er of Disguise 

Sunglasses? ✔️
Goldface? ✔️
Puppy Ears? 🐶

Virtual Booth now includes digital masks for your guests to dress up in. Who doesn't love Smokey the Bear?

And for those of us who want that smooth skin look without the effort, Glam is here, and has your back (and your front). 

Straight Fire 🔥

Looking to heat things up with your Virtual Booth?

Custom landing pages for your Virtual Booth are here! You can use any still image or video background of your choice (or one of Salsa’s included interface backgrounds!) to add some 🌶️ to your virtual experience.

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Check out our video here for a guide to pricing Virtual Booth, or browse our support article for the complete Virtual Booth playbook. Virtual Booth v5 is available in the Web App now!


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