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Photo Booth Videos

It's hard to put into words how much fun a photo booth really is. Take a look at some of these videos to see our booths in action. 


Queso overview video

See how Queso works on a technical level, from assembly to software. You’ll also discover the amazing benefits of becoming a Photobooth Supply Co owner and these resources will help you get the best return on your investment.

How Queso Fits

Photobooth Supply Co. isn't a rental company, and we'd never compete with our owners for business. From time to time, we do have the opportunity to share a booth with friends and family, and this video is from the beautiful wedding of two friends of the company. We love it because it shows how well Queso fits into any environment, and how much fun it can bring to a party. 

queso compilation

Interested in seeing what an average weekend might look like once you've added a photo booth to your life? Take a look at this video showing a few of the first events we ever took Queso to. Even then, it put a smile on everyone's face. Since Queso launched, Photobooth Supply Co. has delivered three major updates including beloved features like live gallery and offline message queueing! 

SAmple webinar

As a Photobooth Supply Co. owner, you get exclusive access to our history of webinars. The one posted here is a sample, and it was highly requested. Catalina Bloch of MDRN Photobooth is our brand ambassador and she shares her thoughts on how to price a photo booth. The theme of the webinar? Cat thinks you can easily charge more. It's worth a watch!

THE pros and cons of photo booths

For Brandon Wong, founder and CEO of Photo Booth Supply Co his biggest goal is to help businesses create more revenue. He was featured on The Bearded Tog podcast to share how he transitioned out of wedding photography with a photo booth and whether or not the same path could be a good fit for you.

Booth summit highlight video

Photobooth Supply Co. is heavily invested in the community. In 2017, we hosted an incredible conference of owners where people were able to come together and share ideas. Take a look at the highlights and consider purchasing the full video recordings of each speaker! 

slr lounge feature

Photobooth Supply Co.'s first photo booth, Legacy, is featured in this video by SLR Lounge about why every photographer should offer a booth to their clients. The advice is still true today! 

susan stripling

Susan Stripling, a world famous photographer, chose Photobooth Supply Co. for a feature during a presentation. In it, she discusses the ways that adding a photo booth can help you make money. While it may not turn you into Susan Stripling, we're so glad that someone with her obvious gifts thinks we're the only booth worth talking about. 


Want to hear from our owners? Photobooth Supply Co. has built a community of over a thousand successful entrepreneurs. We can't believe how lucky we've been to meet and gather a group like this. No one could ask for anything better! 

The only photo booth featured by Microsoft

You know you're doing something right when one of the biggest companies in the world wants to come and tell your story. There's nothing better than seeing Photobooth Supply Co. through the eyes of Microsoft, as they have a chance to endorse our vision of entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility.