upgrade your booth

Trade In Program

If you already have a booth but it’s maybe not the most up to date technology, or easy to use or maybe it’s just not making you any money.  Let us take it off your hands and give you credit towards purchasing a Queso booth.

The Process



Talk to our trade-in bot here and get an appraisal



Ship the booth to us for inspection.



Get final appraisal and approve trade in



Purchase Queso and we deduct your appraisal from the price


What if I don't like your assessment of my booth?

Our preliminary, pre-shipment, assessment is based on photos you send to us, based on directions from our support team. As long as those photos represent an accurate condition of your booth, the original assessment will match the final one.

Who pays for shipping the booth with the Trailblazer Program?

You are responsible for shipping your booth to us for the Trailblazer Program, and we will have extensive documentation that should help you with this process!

Do I need to sign anything for the trade in agreement?

Yes, you will need to sign the Trade In Agreement.

Does the trade in program work with cash as well?

Yes, once your booth is appraised we will apply up to 50% of the appraisal as a cash discount and the remaining amount will be applied to your monthly membership payments.

What do you do with my old booth?

You might be wondering what we do with the booths we get in? Don’t you worry, they are going to a better place! We donate all of your booths electrical components to schools so kids can learn.

Ready to make an upgrade?