Photobooth Supply Co. owners love us, and they love to talk about why!


With little to no advertising, our booth has almost paid for itself.

Linda and Eddy Stahowiak
Stack 9 Photography


We purchased 1 booth from PBSCO initially but now have 3 with plans of purchasing more in the near future.

Ryan Veil
Studio Veil

Even before we received the booth we were booking dates for the booth and it's only growing more - we even need to order a second booth soon!

Mary & Roy
Instabot Photobooth


With the investment easily recoupable after a few events, determining the breadth of upward scale is now our biggest challenge after only one year in business.

Kip Beelman
Lightning Booth


Having a booth that is so portable and capable of handling outdoor events is genius. It takes no time to setup and the quality of the prints are brilliant.

Charlotte Williams
The Island Photobooth



The photo quality is also excellent and the flash makes guests look magazine cover ready.

Zac Wolf
The Danger Booth


One of the best things I love about this is that I can literally have it setup in approximately 10 minutes.

Leo Timoshuk
Leo Timoshuk Photography

In the first few months of investing in a booth from Photobooth Supply Co, it has paid for itself and now remains a very marketable offering for my business.

Jashim Jalal
iLight Photobooth


The booth is very easy to transport (which was a big consideration for me) and the documentation of its setup, both of the hardware and software, is fantastic.

Alan Duro
The Snap Boxx


The customer service and troubleshooting help had been beyond my expectations and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being in the Photobooth Supply Co family.

Kathryn Krueger
Kathryn Krueger Photography


If you're seriously looking for a booth, stop looking, you've found it. 

Michael McManus, PBSCO Owner
Poser booth