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Booth Summit 2017 Speaker Videos

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Did you miss The Booth Summit? 

This is a chance to purchase access to every keynote and watch the full video and audio recording of the presentations. 

You will be able to watch over ten hours of business training, advice, and industry secrets from any device. 

You'll be able to watch: 

  • Dennie Hirsch speak about the value of competition, especially in saturated markets. 
  • Suzy Chang speak about her first year with a photobooth, as well as advanced sales techniques that have helped her to close more potential leads than her competitors. 
  • Aaron Acre Stark speak about the legal tools that a successful small business can use to stay protected.
  • Steve Saporito speak about making every event into the chance for a dozen more bookings. 
  • Barry Wong speak about hashtag printing in 2017 and how you should sell the perks of a hashtag printing service. 
  • Chris Meyer speak about email marketing, from list growing techniques to how to make the most of every contact.
  • Bill Vahrenkamp speak about troubleshooting and best practices for keeping all of your equipment in working shape. 
  • Mike Fazio speak about what customer service looks like in the context of a photobooth.
  • Steven Tecson speak about how the smallest things can have the biggest impact on your business.
  • Zach Schiffman speak about moving into the lucrative corporate market. 
  • Catalina Bloch speak about workflows and automations that will make your life as a business owner easier.
  • Hong Tran speak about the path you need to follow to achieve financial freedom. 

This purchase includes the full video, with audio, of each presentation given at The Booth Summit. It also includes slides of each presentation as well as any pertinent worksheets, so that you can follow along at home.  

Booth Summit 2017 Speaker Videos
Booth Summit 2017 Speaker Videos Sale price$300.00 USD Regular price$600.00 USD