Queso Photo Booth

Three Ways To Buy


Zero Down

+ $399 / Month

Five Year Commitment


+ $199 / Month

Cancel Anytime


+ $99 / Month

Cancel Anytime



Which option is more profitable? Over three years, you would end up at nearly the same profit no matter which option you chose. Membership is the only option that is slightly lower in the long run. Download the Queso Pricing Calculator here to see how much money you will make over the span of five years with all three options. 

What happens if I cancel the monthly payment on the $5,999 or $11,800 option? First, these plans are not designed or meant to be cancelled. They’re helpfully designed to be paused during vacations and other obligations. If you would like to pause your payments, just like a pausing a Netflix subscription, you’ll lose access to the software and other benefits of Queso, such as hosting for live galleries, warranty coverage, and unlimited texts and emails.

Are these three different products? Nope! You get the same photo booth with the same benefits no matter what option you select.

Why three options? We want to provide the opportunity to start a photo booth business to as many people as possible. 

Do I need to qualify for any of these options? Zero down for the booth is the only option you need to qualify for. You can fill out a form here. The $5,999 and $11,800 you can pay using the purchase buttons above. If you do not qualify, or wish to proceed with another funding option, please visit our alternative photobooth funding sources.


Profitability Timeline

Assuming two events booked per month at $800 profit each

The All Inclusive Photo Booth


Compare The Competition

See how our all inclusive photo booth will save you money compared to buying a competitor's booth or building one yourself.


Trade Up

Photobooth Supply Co. offers an incredibly rewarding trade-in program that allows you to get a big discount on your new booth.


Guarantee and Warranty

We're dedicated to a bug free experience. If you ever have to refund an event because of our software, we'll pay for your software that month.

As long as you're a paying subscriber to our software, your hardware is covered under our lifetime limited warranty.

Have Questions?

Reach out to us by clicking the link below. We look forward to chatting with you!