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Alternative Funding Sources

The alternative funding sources below are a great option if you…

Don’t currently own a business?
These alternative lending sources will help fund your booth without the need to immediately open an official business by applying for a personal loan.

Want to finance Split or Cash?
If Membership is not the option for you, then you can easily finance the $5,999 of Split or $11,800 of Cash using the vendors below. You can also do the same with Centra.

Did not qualify for Membership?
You might qualify with the vendors below as they use different criteria for eligibility.


Lowest APR: 34%
Usually requires 520+ FICO
Maximum loan amount of $10,000


Lowest APR: 7.73% 
Usually requires 620+ FICO
Eligibility based mostly on educational background


Lowest APR: 5.49%
Usually requires high 600 - 700+ FICO
Best rates, but highest requirements