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Our Customer Success team supports all PBSCO photo booth models, but Salsa 1 is no longer available for purchase.

Salsa 2 Is Here

The most versatile iPad-based digital photo booth. Four functions, one booth.

Reintroducing the Customer Favorite

Salsa 2




New Features


Pounds Lighter

Innovative LEDs

Brighter, Side-view LEDs, Better control and ability for custom animations in the future

Friction Hinge for tilting

Less moving parts, Lever from Salsa Uno can’t fully be loosened and taken off

Easier to Brand

Flat surfaces make it easier to apply and fully wrap the booth

Bi-directional base plate

Need info here

Simplified power system

One USB-C to charge, Power supply and cable are easily bought at your local electronics store

Quieter Fan

75% more quiet

Head unit can screw directly onto base plate


Better Assembly Experience

Cords no longer get stuck in the middle of the poles

Knobs can be in any direction when assembling the towers


Base plate is easier to align

Reinvented Case

backpack, optional hard case

4 booths in one


Frequently Asked Questions

General Salsa App Questions

Pricing and Subscription Questions

See Salsa 2 in Action

Join a Salsa 2 demo to discover the keys to your photo booth future.

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