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Printer+ photo booth by Photobooth Supply Co.

Software Overview

Click to watch an overview of our incredible software and the profitable features it can provide to your clients.


Picture Quality

No one keeps a bad photo of themselves. Our photographer created photobooth ensures that your guests will be dying to use the images to update their profile picture and hang them on their fridge for years to come. Is there any better way to market your company?


Save thousands of dollars by not needing to purchase a cargo van or truck with our setup. On top of that, our booth only requires one person to set up, eliminating overhead throughout the course of business.


Animated Gifs

Although GIFs have been around since the birth of the internet, they have really exploded into popularity over the last few years. Set yourself apart from the competition by easily enabling GIFs in our booth.

Social Media

Instant gratification is priceless. Through our app you can easily allow guests to share images via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, E-mail, and more. The best part is that you are able to track all of this data, which you can then use to follow up or market to them afterwards.


Customizable Interface

Wow your clients with a completely customized print and photobooth interface to match their event. We provide you with dozens of templates to get you started.

iPad showcased in front of a photo booth

iPad Integration

A separate purchase of an iPad and iPad software can speed up lines at an event requiring social media and provide a platform for lead generation.



When we say handmade, we mean it. We are proud to say that our booth is completely manufactured in Orange County, California by a third generation family of welders. We obsess over every piece of material that goes into making our booth, whether it be the steel, aluminum, foam, or plastic injected casing.

  • our photo booth business paid our mortgage and living expenses last year

  • even before we received the photo booth we were booking dates for the photo booth and it's only growing more

  • with little to no advertising, our photo booth has almost paid for itself

  • salsa is the most portable, dummy-proof system we’ve seen on the market