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When Photobooth Supply Co. began, photo booths weren't capable of taking studio quality pictures. That all changed with Legacy. This system is built for taking some of the most beautiful photos you've ever seen.

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  • GIFs

  • Follow Up

  • 3 Minute Setup

  • Customized Templates


Animate your still images effortlessly. You can even download these GIFs in a format that makes sharing on Instagram easy.

Emails and phone numbers that are entered can be recorded for marketing purposes.

Setting up Legacy is as easy as watching a few videos, connecting everything, and plugging it in.

Don't worry that you'll be stuck with a plain print template. You have total control!

Photos from Legacy

No other business works quite like running a photo booth. You can take beautiful photos like the ones below with no photography training required.

Integrated Printing

With Legacy Print, your printer will sit at the base of your photo booth. This single unit design allows for an elegant and streamlined look.

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Portable and Profitable

Legacy is easy to transport and set up. You can take your booth almost anywhere, and within 10 minutes, be ready to go. The ability to put a booth in your car and go anywhere means you will never waste money on trailers or trucks.

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See it in action

The best way to understand the power of a booth is to see it in action. Take a look at our video demonstrating some of the killer features!

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Take a closer look at Legacy with a live demo.

  • even before we received the booth we were booking dates for the booth and it's only growing more - we even need to order a second booth soon!

  • our photo booth business paid our mortgage and living expenses last year

  • with little to no advertising, our booth has almost paid for itself