Brandon Wong

Empowerment Director

Katrina santos

Money Handler

lauren bostic

Product Manager

Clay heller

Experience Director

Alexis Jardine

Photobooth Strategist

jeff smith

Hardware Guru

josh vasile

Success Champion

Katy Fortier

Customer Experience

kayla harrison

Growth Hacker

bobby escobedo

Creative Director

catalina bloch

Educational Director


Our Story

In 2009, college sweethearts Brandon Wong and Katrina Santos started a wedding photography business born out of a passion to document the most important day of people’s lives.

Four years later they found themselves without an easy way to scale their vision of taking beautiful photos. They saw photobooths as a creative solution to accomplish this, so they went to Google and bought one online. While it was functional, the picture quality was underwhelming and the booth was not easily transported. After a year of dealing with their traditional photobooth, Brandon and Katrina decided to build a product of their own that fixed many of their pain points with the previous unit.

The new photobooth was portable, sleek, intuitive, and took gorgeous photos. Most people would be content at this point, but not perfectionists Brandon and Katrina. Four iterations later, they finally had a product that they felt truly proud to call their own. 

Not long after, they started getting calls from friends in the industry asking to purchase their invention. WPPI, one of the world’s largest photography convention was coming up and the couple knew that this was their chance to release the product to the public. Taking a chance, they emptied their bank account to secure a space at the trade show.

In three weeks they developed a product, brand, website, promotional video, trade show space, brochures, business cards, and nearly had a heart attack. The show went incredibly well and Photobooth Supply Co. was born. 

Since then, the company has provided this fun business opportunity for over a thousand entrepreneurs around the world. More importantly, the booths have effectively scaled Brandon and Katrina's photography dreams by capturing millions of memories that would have never been documented if a photobooth had not been in attendance.